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Cockpit Ladders

From the Platform to the Deck

Cockpit Ladders

Cockpit Ladders (CL) like the SL units, are constructed of dowel reinforced polished Stainless Steel rails and Teak or high density Plastic steps. This ladder is designed to pull out and allow the Swim Ladder (SL), in the up position, to store itself in behind it. CL units are available in stock sizes to 48″ in height. Larger, or special purpose units can be quoted to sketch. We can supply measuring sheets and instructions.

*Please specify Teak or Plastic steps when ordering.

Model No. No. of Steps Length
CL-1 2 step 24″ long
CL-2 3 step 30″ long
CL-3 3 step 36″ long
CL-4 3 step 42″ long
CL-5 4 step 48″ long