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Sailboat Transom Ladder


The STL Sailboat Transom Ladder is of the same high quality construction as our XL Ladder. The adjustable lower and upper mounting arms make it possible to fit the STL on most any Sail Boat transom.

A long, 3-step Swing Down Section assures enough ladder in the water for safe and easy use. The STL-24 extends 22″ below the lower casting while the STL-30, 34 and 38 extend 24″. Quick Pins are available for easy removal.

*Please specify Teak or Plastic steps when ordering.

Model No. Casting to Casting Height No. of Steps in Fixed Section No. of Steps in Swing Down
STL-24 24″ 2 3
STL-30 30″ 2 3
STL-34 34″ 2 3
STL-38 38″ 3 3