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Undermount Ladder

Folding Undermount Ladders


Folding Undermount Ladders

Undermount Ladders (UML) are designed to fold within themselves and store underneath the swim platform. This allows for a clear deck surface on the platform and will not interfere with the name on the transom. These ladders are either polished stainless steel or aluminum with a heat applied tough nylon coating. While stored, the ladders are locked in place with a snap fitting, easily released from either the deck of the platform or from the water. All of the ladders extend 32” below the platform. These ladders have a 600 pound weight capacity.

Model No. Type Width
UML-3-A-15 Aluminum 15 3/4″ wide
UML-3-A-20 Aluminum 20″ wide

Undermount Ladders

Telescoping Undermount Ladders

The UML-4-T telescoping undermount ladder is 19″ wide, extends 38″ below the platform and is made of 304 polished stainless steel with comfortable molded treads